In the minds of many, 
There lies inside, 
A beast we tend to bury. 

Deep within, they wait patiently, 
Till an occurrence 
May unleash its fury

With a blind rage, 
And unforgiving speed 
It wreaks havoc on the soul and body. 

Leaving behind in its wake 
A new set of regrets, 
From actions, in that moment, that seemed blurry. 

Friend, don’t be victim to a silent mouth 
If pain should find a way to you. 

In the minds of many 
There lies a beast, 
Together we can fight, not one, but two.

JD Joshua Kelly



Through nooks and crannies of our deepest thoughts

there hides a piece of all of us.

Long forgotten and sometimes lost

We search within, reaching beyond

Speaking words in prayer; or listening to musical musings

Escaping reality in the hopes for self renewing.

These attempts each lost and forgotten soul does,

To recapture the vibrant nature, from birth, instilled in us.

Through nooks and crannies of our deepest thoughts

age, time, and battles won will not be for naught.

Do not fret, time brings all to fruition

Once rediscovered, you must follow without hesitation.

All thats forgotten, in time is remembered.

Tenacity solidifies the beauty, overcoming what has been weathered.

Through nooks and crannies of our deepest thoughts

Identities lost

Wait to be caught.

JD Kelly

What says the man who has everything

perched in his tower of luxuries

looking down upon the world around him

What does he say knowing that he has no right

no skill needed by society

nothing that fills a role for the betterment of his fellow man

what makes him so special that he can revel in riches

drink the finest wine

eat the finest foods

be treated in the finest manner

exempt from rules or laws

What makes him the envy of all

The people walk by

they look upon the tower

The castle

The riches

The fame

“I wonder what life would be like, if I had those freedoms, those comforts that he has.”

“She has”

“They have”

We look upon the princes, the princesses, the kings, the rich, the famous.

“Why can’t I have that?”

We feed the greed

We feed the materialistic mind

We nurture it with our envy

We bathe it in our greed

Our consumption of the message

We strengthen the bull.

Yet we complain that he rules.

Feed the Bull

Through the looking glass


What would he say if he could see me now?

Would he feel proud of where I stand or

would he see this life and frown.

What would he say if he saw my day to day?

Would he feel that’s what he wanted or

would he have done things another way. 

What would he say about all I have chose? 

Would he think it was right or

would he think my passion froze.

What would he say about how I have loved? 

Would he feel I gave in fully and carelessly, throwing caution to the wind. Or 

would he think I selfishly and stupidly led myself to a lonely road. 

What would he say about my work?

Would he feel I have fulfilled my dreams or 

would he feel I have become jaded and am blinded by societies material murk. 

What would he say about my happiness? 

Would he think I have lived for the moment with a child’s spirit or 

would he think I have become tired; see a battle between inner peace and lackluster.

Would he see

Would he know 

Would he have wisdom to save my soul. 

Would he laugh 

Would he cry 

Would he re-teach me how to fly

How to soar 

How to dream 

How to feel desire in me. 

What would the boy from my childhood say, 

If he were here to judge me today. 



The Race

Feet placed at the starting line,

awaiting with burning anticipation

for the crack of the gun.

Suit and tie, breifcase in hand,

or maybe a young heart searching for that chance to shine.

It Does not matter what walk of life you started,

what level of acumen one has

or what their goals are.

The race controls the ambition.

The race controls the direction.

Pow! another day begins,

Each racer plotting thier next step

How to be faster, stronger, smarter, or more qualified than the next.

It does not mater what they desire,

or who stands in their way

be it friend or foe

The race controls the decisions.

The race becomes an obsession.

Minutes, hours,days, months and years

all will pass till some become exhausted,

through life, death or the realization that

It does not matter how fast you run,

or how many you have passed along the way,

Whether you’re in the lead or far behind.

The race is a tedious effort.

The race is a never ending endeavor.

The race will leave you empty and weathered.



Attempting to burn through the mind and soul

he takes a might grip on the feet of dreams

never relinquishing the fiery grip


Many efforts, he will make

to drag you into darkness

yet the strong willed still stand

ambitions in hand

to continue to fight another day

pushing forward


Adversity continues to try

to pull us into the worst of ourselves

to vanquish our will,

become undone


Adversity may come

but I will never succumb